School placement

Capital Concept London specialises in private school placement
in the United Kingdom, Europe, the USA and Canada.

We will tailor an individual preparation plan for successful admission to leading private
schools, taking into account your preferences, goals and your child’s academic knowledge
and personality.

In the UK, we offer academic guardianship services, liaising between parents, schools and
students in relation to welfare, academic progress, accommodation and administrative

Our school placement services include

  1. Initial consultation with a thorough overview of the education system, advising
    on the most appropriate entry points for your child
  2. Selection of the best boarding or day schools according to your requirements
    and your child’s academic knowledge and personality
  3. An outline of the admission process and a tailored preparation plan for successful school
    entries, including selection of top private tutors for examination and interview preparation
  4. Personal tour of the school and introduction to admissions
    office and Headmasters of the selected schools
  5. Full administrative support

If you are considering sending your child to a boarding school abroad but would like them to have a shorter experience first, we would like to offer you the following programmes:

  • Academic Year
  • School Integration

These programmes are designed for students who would like to experience studying abroad for a shorter period of time. Children fully immerse themselves in the language and culture and study alongside local students in their age group, following the curriculum of a leading private school for the duration of a few weeks or a few months.

Students will participate in all classes and activities together with their peers and will feel like part of the school community. This unique experience will give them excellent opportunities for future educational and career aspirations.

If you are interested in international qualifications, but don’t want to send your children to a boarding school abroad, you can chose Online Learning in one of the leading private schools in Europe or North America. Online educational programmes are designed to ensure that students are fully engaged in the learning process and extra-curricular activities of the school without needing to be physically present. Students study remotely from home, joining live taught and pre-recorded lessons in small classes with peers from all over the world.

We offer high-quality care, a personal approach, efficiency and

We help our students settle into their new surroundings and support
them academically.

Please contact us to find out more about our services.